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Cosmetic Medicine Treatments


Rejuvenate the face by restoring its luminosity, firmness and elasticity without surgery.

Skin Care

Care Moisturising, hygiene and vitamin supply. Prevent and treat acne, rosacea and blemishes.


Improve skin elasticity, flaccidity, excess fat, cellulite and fluid retention without surgery.

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Our Cosmetic Medicine Treatments in Detail


As the skin ages, it loses firmness, volume, elasticity and the production of collagen and elastin.

Hyaluronic Acid is a great ally in combating these signs of ageing and the appearance of wrinkles.

We can treat: dark circles under the eyes, periorbicular and periorbital wrinkles, nasolabial fold, marionette line, lips and cheekbones, chin projection, jaw line definition and rhinomodelling.

Botulinum Toxin Treatment is used to reduce severe expression wrinkles, tired look and worried appearance.

It acts on the targeted muscles by relaxing them, not paralysing them, so that a natural result is achieved.

Treatment with calcium hydroxyapatite, a substance that helps to form collagen in the subcutaneous tissue.

It is used to improve ageing skin, tighten or add volume to the face and neck.

Treatment for skin and subcutaneous tissue flaccidity, whether due to weight loss or the passage of time.

The placement of Aptos threads provides repositioning and traction in the tissues.

Some coated with hyaluronic acid improve the appearance of the skin by providing hydration.

A natural and effective way to firm and improve the signs of ageing.

Skin Care

Technique that uses micro-needles to introduce vitamins, minerals, cofactors, lipolytics, hyaluronic … to revitalise, tighten and redensify the skin.

This treatment is often combined with other treatments to achieve better results.

With the most advanced Aquapure medical equipment we achieve a deep cleansing of the skin.

Eliminate dead cells and other impurities, nourish and rejuvenate the skin, increase circulation and stimulate the regeneration of elastin and collagen in a painless way.

Biophotodynamic therapy or treatment with LED system allows the treatment of specific pathologies such as acne, rosacea, melasma, spots, wrinkles and photoaging based on the regeneration, repair and stimulation of the skin.

It can be performed at any time of the year and is painless.

Our most advanced Etherea laser technology allows us to treat skin photoaging, sun spots, hyperpigmentation, acne, rosacea, superficial lesions, stretch marks, scars and vascular lesions with incredible results.


Technique that uses micro-needles to introduce substances that help to reduce body fat, improve flaccidity and tighten or improve the so-called orange peel skin or cellulite.

This treatment is combined with Pressotherapy and/or Indiba to obtain better results.

Lymphatic drainage treatment with Ballenger technology. Based on a massage with controlled, continuous or alternating pressure.

The stimulation of the lymphatic system and venous return improves the oedema caused by fluid retention and varicose veins that cause a health problem.

RENATA FRANÇA. Currently one of the best methods of manual lymphatic drainage that combines gentle and firm techniques with incredible results from the first session.

This treatment helps to drain from an immediate postoperative period to fluid retention or poor circulation.

Our latest generation SHR System laser is fast and painless. With its sweeping, flash and burst method it offers greater safety and effectiveness with all types of hair and skin.

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